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Question about Legal Names and Aliases

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  • Question about Legal Names and Aliases

    My new wife and I filled out our Marriage License. I asked her, "how many names do you have? 2 or 3?" Now I know that sounds odd, however, here is what happens. If you look at her China identification information, it is in Chinese characters of course, and she has 3 characters to her name. Each character represents a different word. However, on her I-94 form, as well as her Visa, it shows the middle and first name put together, with no space. The problem is, my wife told me she has 3 names when we went to fill out the marriage license. I put her First, Middle and Last name on the form, which the marriage certificate now has. Now when going to fill out all the forms for a greencard, I realize that we seem to have to different names. For example, (Not real name, just using for example):

    i-94 = Jongmei Wei

    Marriage Certificate = Jong Mei Wei

    Now I can "fix" the marriage certificate by adding an "alias" to it at the recorders office, so it shows Jongmei Wei, which might satisfy the government. However, I really need to know how to fill out all the forms correctly, because if things don't match, well, we know what happens then. So because the two documents, i-94 and Visa have the single combined name (first/middle), which one do I use as legal name, and which one do I use as an alias when filling out the other forms, such as i-485 ..etc. Single name or double name?

    I can certainly provide both of those on the forms, but not sure which name to use where.

    It's almost impossible to get ahold of the immigration department for this....I have spent hours already.

    Thanks in advance.