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worked on land with c1d visa ( I didn't know)

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  • worked on land with c1d visa ( I didn't know)

    I worked for a cruise company where we spent some time on land working before joining the ship, in which time we were getting paid. some people arrived on an esta, others arrived on a c1d (as I did) we all thought that the company would fix this issue and make sure we were all on the correct visa to allow us to work and get paid whilst on land. little did I know, when I went to try and visit America on vacation to see my boyfriend ( a year later) , I had a year before overstayed my 29 day allowed on land and they refused me. luckily because it wasn't my fault I was issued a b2 visa and allowed go back to the states for 65 days ( we got engaged during this time and filing for k1 visa)
    I was just wondering (as I am very upset about what happened with my c1d) if there is anything I can do to try and get anything from this company, like suing them or taking legal action against them. as I am aware now, you are not allowed to work on either an esta and a c1d, and I am very upset that they are getting away with this, and because of this I have had to go through a lot of stress and spend a lot of money to get where I want to be, with my fianc?.
    any help or info would be greatly appreciated