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I was laid and want to get H1B revalidated

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  • I was laid and want to get H1B revalidated


    1. I was laid off last week by my company but the company will be paying me till jan 31st. I asked a few lawyers and they said till the time I get paid USCIS cant find out if I am out of status so till january I can stay here and look for another job.

    2. My H1B stamp expiers on 10th dec 06 and I want to go to India for a month. My problem is can I get H1B revalidation on my previous employer's papers I have the following documents

    a) LCA
    b) I 129
    c) I 797
    d) employment letter (dated august'06)
    based on these docs can I apply. basically I want to know if my employment letter is recent enough.