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Marriage certificate -queries for 485

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  • Marriage certificate -queries for 485

    Below is the situation
    Married on 2006 (arranged marriage in temple)and came to US both husband and wife are in H1B
    As we had come immediately after marriage, did not get marriage certificate and havent travelled back to India after 2006.
    2006 and 2007 - tax filed seperately
    2008 - Filed together
    Now if spouse (wife) has to be added for GC in 485, what all the documents needed forwife, I understand that marriage certificate is mandatory,as we dont have marriage certificate need options on what can be done (without going back to india and getting).
    Does court marriage here in US is suffice to get marriage certificate?
    What all the issues there in getting married now in US and use that certificate for 485 (eventhough we filed tax together in 2008 and planning the same for 2009).
    Is there any mandatory rule that we have to get married 2 years before 485.
    NOTE: we are still in LC stage.
    Is there anything like marriage affidavit that can be got from india wiht parents help, we not going to India

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    What is the resolution in your case? I am in a similar situation(fast forward your case by 3 years) scratching my head in figuring out. Any feedback is appreciable.
    Thank you,
    Hanu Rayapati.