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  • Not sure where to get help for this issue

    Hi There! I signed up because I am faced with an issue that I do not know how to resolve.
    I am currently a permanent resident of US. I am in the process of getting my citizenship however, it is taking longer than I thought.
    My current residency is based in Uzbekistan.I have a Uzbek passport which Is expired. I have an opportunity to travel to London this summer for work. However, I don't have a valid passport and in order to renew mine, I have to be present in the Uzbek embassy. Does anybody have an advice for me on how to handle the situation. I cant travel to Uzbek embassy with an expired passport. Basically I cant leave the country until I get my citizenship and able to apply for Us Passport.
    Thank you

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    So why can't you travel to the Uzbek embassy to renew your passport? Because it's far? Unfortunately, that's the easiest way for you to be able to travel internationally. As a US permanent resident, another option is to apply for a US Re-entry Permit which is a passport-like booklet that you can use for international travel, and get a British visa on that; however, a Re-entry Permit also takes a long time to get, and may be more hassle than renewing your passport.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.