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How do you make a long flight more comfortable?

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  • How do you make a long flight more comfortable?

    How do you make a long flight more comfortable? I will tto spend 6 hours on the plane and I'm afraid it will be too difficult with my aching back. I'm sure that I'm not the only one with back pain and that people who suffer from it also know how they can relieve pain and fly in the plane in a more comfortable environment. I need their advice.

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    I try to take small items on the trip that have a significant impact on your comfort. For example, if you have back pain, then you can buy belt for back pain Ortorex. This is really very good belt that supports the lower back well from overload and for proper curvature. I think you need to find the official site https://ortorex.com/p/lumbar of this company. So you can read more about this belt and watch a video on how to use this belt during training.
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      This is really useful information for me, thank you very much !! I will try to use your advice on my next trip! I want to communicate with other members of this community.


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        I suffer from back pain.. what i try to do is 1) make sure i do my stretches diligently few days before my travel so that my back is as relaxed as it can be .. if i can get a back massage done (i go to a chiropractor) couple of days prior... i get it done 2) try and avoid alcohol in run up / during the flight.. dehydration increases the pain sensation 3) don't be afraid to stretch in the plane .... ignore the strange looks :-) 4) Finally ... pack my pain pills / sprays / belts / back pillows and avoid any activity that may aggravate my back in run up to the travel.

        The last one... this depends on your personal capacity.. if you can spend some money and get yourself a comfortable seat do it. It is worth the spend and consider it as a medical cost avoidance!!!... it could be a seat near exit with more space if you are in economy or if you feel rich a premium economy or business class seat.