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US Passport Renewal by OCI Card Holder

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  • US Passport Renewal by OCI Card Holder


    I renewed my US passport 5 years ago. I had my OCI Visa on my old Passport [Expired in 2018]. Do I have to get another VISA For OCI in the new passport that I have? Any information or links related to that would be very much appreciated.

    Kennedy Doss
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    Congrats on your recent passport renewal! Here's some info on OCI cards and US passport renewals based on what I've learned:

    OCI Card Valid Regardless of Passport: The good news is that your OCI card (Overseas Citizenship of India) should remain valid even though your US passport has expired. OCI cards are linked to your Indian citizenship, not your US passport.

    No New OCI Visa Needed: Since your OCI card is still valid, you don't need to apply for a new OCI visa for your new US passport.‚Äč