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Employer exceeds amount in W2 form against my salary

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  • Employer exceeds amount in W2 form against my salary

    Hi All,

    I have question regarding the mismatch my W2 form when compared to actual salary. My employer exceeds amount in W2 form - Box 1 against my salary. Due to this, I need to any huge taxes to IRS. When talked to my employer about this, they told me that my W2 is correct and they will not amend/change it. I was moved in the first year from location A to location B. And my employer had taken care of me as a part of the policy. But now in my W2 form, they have added that amount as a part of my House Allowance, which I never
    received. Also, they sent a paycheck mentioning House Allowance was given too me but in that same paycheck, they have deducted the same amount including the taxes. Would really appreciate if someone help / guide me in this situation.