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How to get certified copy of passport for ITIN from India?

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  • How to get certified copy of passport for ITIN from India?

    Hello everyone. I need some clarification regarding certification of passport copy from India.

    1. Is the certified copy of passport from any US consulate in India (Chennai, Hyderabad, etc) accepted by IRS or do we strictly need to get it certified by Indian authorities?
    2. If not, what is the procedure to get the passport certified from Indian authorities - how and where to go to get this certification in Bangalore? Previous experiences from someone who has gone through this route would be much appreciated.
    3. Which all pages of passport need to be certified? All non-blank pages?
    4. I am not too sure how a certified document looks like, but do we need to get a stamp/certification on each of the passport pages separately?
    5. Are there any specifications to be followed for certification - like colored copies of passport pages, page size, etc?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    You need to get it certified from Indian authorities.

    Below thread may be useful to you.
    This is not a legal advice. Use at your own risk.