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W-8 Ben Form - Clarification

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  • inadmissible
    They sent him this form in error, mistakenly thinking he was not a US resident for tax purposes

    He can just let them know that he's a US person for tax purposes, and they will send him a W-4 (or have him complete it electronically)

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  • mendax_r
    started a topic W-8 Ben Form - Clarification

    W-8 Ben Form - Clarification

    Hi There,

    Good morning.

    I am asking this for a friend.

    He lives in USA for almost 6 years.( I-140 Approved under the category of EB2. H1B Extension is applied and waiting for the results )

    In the meanwhile, he got a mail from a credit union bank and asking him to fill up the W-8 Ben Form.

    Can someone please shed some light on the below questions.

    1. Why is he receiving a W-8 Ben form.
    2. If he do not submit this , what is the outcome ?
    3. Will there be any advantages or dis-advantages on this ?

    Please guide us.

    Thank You !