I was working in the US on a work visa and had health insurance through my employer from Jan to May 2018. My employment was terminated in May 2018 and so did the Insurance coverage. I did not purchase health insurance through the marketplace thereafter. I also do not qualify for any uneployment benefits as a non citizen and also did not have the option to work in any domain unrelated to my education.

I subsequently left the US in July 2018 (completing 183 days in the US in 2018 for tax purposes) and remained outside of the US for the rest of the year.

I had a few questions regarding Health Insurance Penalty:

- Would the Health Insurance Penalty be applicable in my case as I was uninsured for 2 months while being in the US (June-July) and was not physically present in the US for the remainder of 2018. If so, what will be the extent of this penalty.

- If the penaty is applicable, Would I qualify for a personal hardship exemption as I have not been employed since May 2018.