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Social security benefits for widow in US

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  • Social security benefits for widow in US

    My friend (75 year old widow) is US Citizen, migrated 20 years ago to US after losing her husband to cancer. She has never worked. She has been getting small SSI and medicare benefits since 8 years. She recently received a call from SSA asking her to apply for survivor benefits/pension in India now and submit formal denial that she is not eligible for Indian pension either from Indian Govt or get a letter from Indian consulate stating the same. Otherwise her benefits (especially her medical coverage) in USA would be discontinued. She recently had a head injury from a fall along with her other health problems hence can't travel. She doesn't even have Aadhar card. She is not literate enough to figure out and take care of this. Please advise how to stop this process so as to continue atleast her medical coverage. For e.g. is there a rule or formal proof somewhere that states that she would not be eligible for widow pension/survivor benefits in India based on not having aadhar card/not being Indian resident? Is it ok to tell SSA that she doesn't have details on her husband's employment etc. to even apply for any such benefits in India? Her BP has gone up with this anxiety and stress that her medical benefits may not continue if she can't provide the documentation SSA is asking and we don't know how to help. In worst case scenario if SSA cancels her medical benefits, what are her alternate options to get medical coverage or does she have to pack up and leave? Request your kind advice. Thank you.