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Investing/partner in a friend's Amazon business while on H1B

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  • Investing/partner in a friend's Amazon business while on H1B

    I'm on H1B visa but my friend is an American citizen. He's starting an Amazon selling business and I've been helping coach him through it.
    If he starts an LLC for the business, can I join as a 50% partner by investing in the business?
    He'd be doing all the work. I'll be investing to bring in inventory to sell. What are some things I should be mindful of?

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    Oh, such a great idea!


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      This is a great business idea. I really, really like it. I think that you and your friend will succeed. You can easily become an investor in your friend's business. Naturally, you need to formalize all this. As for the intricacies of this business, it is difficult for me to advise you on anything. I think this investment is profitable, but I'm not an expert; I'm just learning. I think that on doughroller.net, you will find answers to your questions about investing. This will help you understand whether such an investment is reasonable and profitable. So I wish you good luck with that. I hope everything works out for you. Why not? This should work.
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        In my 14 years as an entrepreneur, I have personally experienced almost every type of business partnership. With the right approach, I have identified 5 models that will bring your joint company growth and even leapfrog. At the same time, each has pitfalls that are better known in advance. It's worth hiring an independent financial advisor, even if you're friends.
        I often refer to business from friendships as early partnerships - because more often than not, we start our first company with friends at a young age.
        After all, when you're 18 or 20 years old, all your connections are with friends or classmates. A feature of these partnerships is what I call when there's nothing to lose. This means that both partners have no experience, special skills or knowledge and are just starting to learn the business.
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