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Financing a car without SSN

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  • Financing a car without SSN

    Hello everybody,

    we moved from Germany to San Antonio and now we have a big, big problem:

    we canĀ“t get financed a car without a social security number and because of our visa-status (E2) we will not get a SSN. If we would go to our bank asking for a credit we have to deposit the same money into a blocked account. So we can pay the car cash - there is no difference.

    My husband will get a SSN in a few days but then we have no credit history.

    Is there anybody who can tell us, what we can do in this situation???

    Sorry about my bad english and thanks for your help!

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    i was in same prblem
    i hear on e2 from london
    unfortunately we have to start some wear
    i and buy car with cash but i found way aaround after my first car,
    best thig if you go to big deler and ask for company finance (not bank they will refuge) and put some money and buy new car to start your caredit , big diler always want sale car so take advantage


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      This is indeed very difficult ...

      .... even more so now due to the current economical situation where the banks/lenders are tightening up their belts.

      You can apply for a TIN - Tax Identification Number from the IRS which can be used in lieu of a SSN only for such special purposes of applying for a loan, credit card, filing taxes etc.

      It will surely be very difficult and tricky. You need to tread very slowly and carefully.

      You can try to get a co-signer for the loan - anyone who may be a friend, relative etc.

      Good luck.


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        Get started with a cheaper car first which you can pay for and start building the credit history for a while. Take a loan for the cheap car even if the interest is high. This helps you build the credit and pay it off after 6 months or so.

        You can put the money 5k or so down in a blocked bank account for the decent used car. These days, with the economy, you are getting used cars at throw away prices.

        I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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          Definitely financing a car without ssn is very hard. May be you can try some car title loan companies.