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F1 to E1 change of status

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  • F1 to E1 change of status

    I am here on an F1 and I recently finished my OPT. Right now I am on my grace period. My husband is here on an E1 visa and I was wondering what the process would be for me to be a dependent on his E1 visa as his spouse. I've already gathered the following documentation 1) I-539 Change of Status 2) Husband's passport information 3)Husband's visa stamping 4)Marriage certificate 4) Husband's I-94 information. What other information would be necessary to file this application?

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    Since E-1 is an treaty trader visa, I recommend submitting evidence that the trading is still going on, such as company's financial documents, tax return, bank statement, invoices, etc. If your husband is an E-1 employee, then just his paycheck stubs and W-2 from 2019 should suffice for you to change status to E-1 dependent status.


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        Changing Status to E1 Visa Lawful non-immigrants present in the US and wanting to change their status to E1, have to file Form I-129 with the USCIS. In case of those lawful non-immigrant employees wanting to work in US concerns, their Form I-129 needs to be filed by their qualifying employers on their behalf.


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          My wife is currently on an F2 visa and she is in the U.S. She got admission for Graduate studies in a good university. She is planning to return to India and apply for F1 visa from India. Is this the best option for her?

          Since she was already in the US prior to this on F2, will it affect her approval rate for F1 visa? distance between cities
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