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E3 renewal/change of employer while applying H1B

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  • E3 renewal/change of employer while applying H1B

    Currently on an e3 visa, but my employer is sponsoring me for a green card eb3. Part of this process is to apply for a h1b for 2021 so that I can not be land locked within the green card process.

    Currently still in the PERM phase of the process.

    I’m planning to possibly change employer soon for my e3 visa and give up on the green card process. My question is given the e3 visa requires strong ties to Australia, does applying for a h1b and eb3 sabotage my changes for the e3 to be approved? And should I immediately cancel the eb3 and h1b process with my employer?


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    Effectively, an E-3 visa holder cannot currently change his or her employer without an extended delay. USCIS's posted processing times for E-3 applications are currently approximately five to seven months, and such applications cannot be premium processed.
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      Individuals with H-1B visa status, or previous status, have the ability to transfer to a different employer. ... In order for the H-1B holder to change employers, the new employer is required to submit an H-1B visa transfer petition with the USCIS. The H-1B visa holder cannot file on his/her own behalf.
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