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Question about E2 visa.

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  • Officier consulaire
    There is no min or max amount. The amount must be substantial for your field of operation. Money in bank accounts are not investment. The investment funds must be actively used in the creation of a business. Funds must be in your possession and control. If someone is gifting that money to you, it must be obtained legally. E2 visas will take a few weeks/months depending on the US embassy location for the applicant.

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  • ojwaktasa
    started a topic Question about E2 visa.

    Question about E2 visa.

    What is the minimum amount you need for an investors visa is it $100.000? Or can you go $50.000-$70.000?
    1. Is it true you have to show this amount in cash? Or you just need to prove a bank statement?
    2. Can someone else like a friend / family member borrow me that kind of money just to prove that I have the minimum amount or they trace back where you got the amount?
    3. How long does it take to get the E2 visa?

    Thank you in advance!