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Re-entering the US on an L2 Visa

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  • Re-entering the US on an L2 Visa

    In Feb my wife travelled to London for a business trip but before she could travel back the travel ban was enacted, meaning she can no-longer enter the U.S. on her L2 visa. Is there any way that she can travel back without a green card? Or is her only option to stay in London until the ban is lifted? Thanks.

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    Are you a US Citizen? I believe that as a spouse of a US Citizen, she can travel back. Though I am trying to confirm that for myself.


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      I'm afraid not, I'm currently on an L1 Visa. It looks like they just relaxed the restrictions slightly to allow athletes (Golfers attending the PGA tour) but I'm assuming L visas are still covered by the ban.


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        She could travel to a country other than Mainland China, Iran, the Schengen Area, the UK, or Ireland, for 14 days, and then travel to the US.

        This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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          Could she travel to Canada/Mexico, wait 14 days and then enter. I know that there are currently restrictions, but do these only apply to the land border?