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Is it worth to file I-751 to remove conditions from green card even after divorce?

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  • Emy0202Houston
    Sorry to hear about your story!

    1. Yes, it's worth to file for I-751 even your divorce is finalized. However, based on your conditions - "green card is expired" and "not in the U.S" - are things you really need to considerate. I-751 was supposed to be filed within 90 days before your 2-year-green card is expired.

    2. In my opinion, you should talk to few lawyers if they can work on your case. $1000 is worth if you can come back to the U.S. Keep in mind that the I-751 paperwork will cost you another more than $750.00. If you want to check and read it by yourself, go to https://www.uscis.gov/i-751, they must have the instruction and fees and others thing you need to know.

    Good luck!

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  • Is it worth to file I-751 to remove conditions from green card even after divorce?

    I completed my graduation in Bachelor of Science in software engineering in 2016 in Pakistan. I was married to U.S citizen in 2016 in Pakistan and then moved to United states on February 2017, got my conditional Green Card through Her. I started working there as IT Business Analyst till December 2017. After that I got another better position at Maryland, so I moved to MD. Unfortunately, my marriage didn't work out and got divorce from my wife in March 2018.Although marriage was ended in good faith - I was so depressed that my parents asked me to come to Pakistan and stay with them till I recover from myself this mishap. So I came to PK and lived with them.

    But now I really wanna comeback to United States and get my self settle there. Since my conditional Green card has expired 2 months before (Feb-2019) But my drivers license is still valid.

    1. I just came to know that I can still file for I-751 to remove conditions from my GC, Is it really worth to file even that my divorce is finalized?

    2. I am sure if I go with lawyers they are gonna charge 1000's of dollars to file I-751 which of course I don't have, Also I don't know how to file by own as i am new born for these things. What could be the easiest way for me to go with since I am in Pakistan right now?