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Family Visa increased to minimum 38.7k

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  • Family Visa increased to minimum 38.7k

    Hello, just today there was an announcement that states in order to cut migration, the minimum income will be 38.7k that's 50% more than previous income required. I would like to know If they are referring to household income, as both me and my partner make around 55k together but I alone only make 30k annually. I was planning to marry her at some point as she is currently on a work visa that lasts around 2 years. I still don't quite fully understand if they are referring to household income or per individual. Thank you
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    Minimum income to bring in spouse raised to £38700​​

    Your question is related to UK Visa and not for US B2 (Tourist) Visa.

    You may want to post in the correct forum thread to get a reply.


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      The announcement you mentioned regarding the minimum income requirement for migration likely refers to individual income rather than household income. In many cases, immigration policies specify a minimum income threshold that an individual applicant must meet in order to qualify for certain visas or residency permits.😉😉