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SR-1 visa pending RFE and now on F1 visa

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  • SR-1 visa pending RFE and now on F1 visa

    Hi, I need advice and opinion on this issue. I have a pending petition as SR-1 non-ministerial received by USCIS since 2016. The last action was that they received the response to RFE in February of this year (2018). Prior to my H1B expiration, I applied for an F1 visa to study a graduate degree in theology in support to my SR1 application. Will my current status F1 affect my pending SR1 petition? The question is triggered by the fact that SR-1 is for green card and F1 is a nonimmigrant status that need to show proof that you will leave US upon graduation. Should I file EB2 or EB3 while on valid F1 status instead?