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SR non-ministerial visa and F1 visa

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  • SR non-ministerial visa and F1 visa

    My employer submitted an SR non-ministerial that was received by USCIS in March 2016 but until now it is still pending. My H1B expired in Nov. 2017 and now I am in F1 status. I know that F1 is a nonimmigrant status that need to show proof that you are leaving the US after your program. Will my being at F1 status affect my SR1 petition. Also, is there any thoughts why my SR1 I-360 application takes forever to be approved? I know it has a sunset deadline, and already few sunset deadline past. Sept. 30, 2018 sunset deadline is nearing again but it takes a very long time for USCIS to review my response for RFE which was received by their office in early 2017. I already made 2 electronic inquiries as to why it takes them a long time to process my case. The first response to inquiry is that "they will review my response to their RFE and will let me know their decision. I am still waiting for the second reply. Any thought? please. Thanks.