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Can I Renew R-1 While I-360 is pending?

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  • Can I Renew R-1 While I-360 is pending?


    I was looking for a good forum to find an answer. I am glade to find this forum.

    Currently, I have R-1 expiring my first three years in May of 2007. My church have filed for I-360 in july of 2006 after I worked there for two years. I-360 is taking much longer beacsue of all the fraud.

    Can I file for R-1 extension Nonimmigrant visa for another two years without withrawinng I-360 which is pending? My attorney said if I file for R-1 extension using I-129 form which is a Nonimmigrant visa I will lose my pending I-360 which is an immigrant visa. I called USCIS 1-800 # and they told me that I can file for I-129 extension without losing I-360 but my attorney told me that all those people working in USCIS 1-800 phone line are private company not USCIS staff and they do not know the nuances of USCIS law. I am very confused and and very much worried.

    I have two and half months before my R-1 is expired my church and my family can be jeopardy in this confusion. Can some one please help me.

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

    Mar Chang

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    I just came back from a meeting with a immigration lawyer. He said I need to renew my R1 visa which expires in August. Be careful with laywers. I have found out that some times you might know more than what they do. You have to renew because you can have the R1 for five years. Then after that you will have filled your I-485 and then you will not need any R1.


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      renewal of R1 visa

      I went to the state last 1994 and came back to the phil. after a year. My question is can i renew my r1 visa after a long year? Or do i need to re- apply? I wanted to go oversea again.together with my son.

      Thank you!


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        R-2 Extension

        An I-539 was filed for an extension of R-2. The applicant had to travel to native country having the R-2 pending in USCIS. She traveled with the receipt notice from USCIS that I-539 is in process and now she is afraid that she would not be able to re-enter the US.

        Can she re-enter the US? Will she have to wait in native country until spouse's R-1 is approved?