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Travel in R1/R2 Visa

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  • Travel in R1/R2 Visa

    I have a valid R1 Visa stamp in my passport till 2010. I have applied for my I-485 and waiting for my travel documents.

    Shall I travel out of the country to India before receiving my travel documents and then enter back after receiving it (provided somebody on my behalf receives my approved travel document and send it to me in India )? Can I enter back without receiving my travel document? Do I need to show the travel documents before leaving the country? Do I have to wait till I get my travel document to travel out of the country?

    Does it also apply to R2 Visa holders?

    Do R1/R2 visa categories fall under "Dual Intent"?
    There is a rule that valid H1 Visa holders can travel after applying for I-485 and before receiving the travel documents. Does the same rule apply to R1/R2 visa holders also?

    Your earliest response will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.