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Lengthy last name truncated on I94

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  • Lengthy last name truncated on I94

    Hello everyone,,
    I reached the United States on Saturday last week (10th August). I'm here at Austin,Texas as a Graduate Student on my F1 VISA.
    This is my name as per passport/VISA:
    First name: Dembe
    Last name: Maruthachalam Gnanasambandam
    As you can see, my last name is huge. Hence, it got truncated to Maruthachalam Gnanasamban in my I94(the last three letters chopped off). I visited the Austin airport and checked with the Customs and Border protection office and I was told that the system can accept only so many letters on my last name and I have to live with the error.

    I am sceptic now if this would cause any problems when I apply for an SSN or driver's license. If yes, how can I solve it in advance?

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