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90 day rule (adjust of status from F1 to green card)

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  • 90 day rule (adjust of status from F1 to green card)

    Hello my wife and I recently got married, before we got married I went to her country with her for a month in order to meet her family and ask for her fathers blessing. My wife is currently here on an F-1 visa and has been here since 2017. I went to her country in December of last year and I came back on January 4th 2020, she got back on January 19, 2020. Shortly after we got married on February 6th 2020. We have been dating for 2 years. We wanted to get married in February because our anniversary date was on the 4th, we weren’t able to get married on the 4th so we just tried to get closest to the date. Does the 90 day rule still apply to this situation? She still intends to study (I just made a payment for her classes) we have a lot of evidence our love is real, I’m just concerned with this 90 day rule. What should my wife and I do?