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renewing my visa and travelling

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  • renewing my visa and travelling

    I am currently a chinese national on student pass in Singapore. Im graduating at the end of this year, and I really really want to go back as I have not gone home ever since the pandemic started. here is my problem. since I am graduated by the end of the year, my student pass issued by my high school will expire in march next year and if I go back I cant come back to Singapore or anywhere else unless I have a new visa and as you might know china has restricted on visa and passort issuing and renewing these because of covid and it is dumb. I am also going to university next year, probably not in china but some other country. So, im scared that once i go back to china, even if i got accepted into uni, china doesn't give me my visa or renew my passort and i end up not being able to travel and attend uni in person and that's very messed up. So, if i continue to stay in Singapore and extend my visit pass, i might be able to apply for visa and passport here through the Chinese embassy. i have not fact checked these so im not sure how true those are, so i want some opinions on what should i do and whether china will be able to issue me my visa to travel overseas. any help is appreciated. thank you for reading and have a good day!