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New Job - Changing from L1B Visa to TN Visa

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  • New Job - Changing from L1B Visa to TN Visa


    I'm a Canadian passport holder living and working in NYC for the last 4 years. I came over to the US on an L1B visa which expired earlier this year so my employer renewed it for another 2 years. A new job opportunity has presented itself based in NYC and I know that the L1B visa is non-transferable across employers. The new job is looking into visa options for Canadians but I assume it'll be the TN visa.

    Has anyone experienced issues with transferring from an L1B to a TN visa? Does US Customs give a harder time when trying to obtain the TN visa at port of entry knowing I was previously on an L1B visa that was recently renewed?

    Is the recommendation for the new employer to apply for a TN visa via mail while I'm still on my L1B visa and employed at my current job then after the TN visa is approved my L1B will be automatically cancelled and I can switch over to the TN and start my new job without leaving the US and crossing over again?

    Any experiences and/or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!