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TN renewal by mail better?

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  • TN renewal by mail better?


    I have just renewed my TN at the Port of Entry at the Toronto airport, for the fourth time because I have changed my employer (after 3 years). I was given a hard time by the officer and was told that this should be my last TN since my length of stay seems to show to him that I intend to stay permanently, and that he's going to note that I was advised of it on my record. (I am going to ask my new employer to sponsor me for the H1-B but that would be for the 2009 FY and now there is no guarantee for an H1-B since the 2008 FY is being picked by lottery).

    My question is, has anyone been in my situation before, and if applying by mail to the Service Center may be better, since it's probably less dependent on the whim of the officer. I have a friend who got a similar speech before and the next year had no problem getting yet another TN at the Port of Entry. So now I am pretty confused and worried.