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Substitute Labor????

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  • Substitute Labor????

    Hello Everyone/Gurus,

    I am Canadian citizen currently on TN visa with company A. I will be on H1-B with company A from Octuber2007 and then will be transferring my H1-B to Company B from Octuber2007.

    - Company B has already got substitute labor in EB3 category. This will allow me to file (I-140/I-485)together right away (as the date is current for EB3).

    My plan:
    - Can I use this substitute labor now and file (I-140/I-485) while working with company A and then later in October transfer my H1-B to company B.

    1) please advice if this plan is ok?

    2) Is there any loop hole in this plan?

    3) At the time of interview will I face any problem?

    4) How much time EB3 green card take ??

    Guys your guidance will allow me to follow the right path.