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TN Visa if EB5 already applied for

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  • Protazoid
    Get a consult with a reputable lawyer, I'm not sure if working with a different employer will affect the EB5 application. This is a very specific question and I wouldn't trust another source.

    Your spouse should have no issue with TN, and if you are eligible for TN you can generally switch jobs without issue so long as you get new TN at border or with USCIS.

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  • Anil Rastogi
    started a topic TN Visa if EB5 already applied for

    TN Visa if EB5 already applied for

    A Canadian citizen already applied for the EB5 Regional Center. Question can I get a TN visa for a temp job? Can my spouse get a TN visa as she was also included in the EB5 Application.
    Should either she or I lose our TN job, can we reapply for another TN visa for a different employer? Thanks in advance.