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TN visa bad experience at border

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  • TN visa bad experience at border

    I hold Canadian passport and have valid TN visa.
    Yesterday at a Canada airport port of Entry POE,
    the US CBP officer was not friendly and sent to me Secondary. I was refused entry before,
    for reasons that were only imagination, not proven .

    I used to hold a passport from an Asian country/China, not a typical “rogue” country but had illegal immigrants rampant in the USA/Canada at one time.

    And the second CBP officer, the same officer who issued me the TN in Jan of 2018, interviewed me at the Secondary room. In Jan 2018 he dated the TN to end of 2020
    at the request of my employer.

    I heard the first officer saying "19" to the second officer. I did not know what they were implying, until the Second CBP officer had the conversation with me. He asked what my profession was. I said "consultant". He said "consultant" is not what was stated on my TN "Engineer". He said those are two different categories/professions.
    It never occurred to him that a consultant is consulting in the capacity of an "Engineer". He decided I was in violation of my TN.

    The first officer I met was probably in a supervisory mode; I met him a few times before at the POE, one of the least friendly officers. Looked quite KKK.

    I thought the second officer was refusing me entry until he stamped my passport with a "stay until" date of Dec 31, 2019. They used to stamp Dec 2020. I made about 30 to 50 entries into the the USA this year alone. I told him some people call me "consultant" and some people call me "engineer" . He said "you are saying that because I told you the profession name on your TN visa just now".

    He also asked me to provide him with a letter from my boss in the USA telling him “What I am doing on a daily basis for my work”. Like he made a mistake before and his boss asked him to rectify his past errors. So absurd.

    Clearly these guys are not very literate ,
    and / or
    trying to set up traps to give you difficulties.

    I will need to fight this, with redress inquiries, and in a federal court of law if needed. I don’t like to be treated like a criminal and animal. These officers use arbitrary power in adjudicate, and are abusing their powers. I never had any violation of any immigration law or overstayed my visa in the USA at any time in my life . And that’s since 1995 when I was a student in the USA! All records of my US entry refusals were grounded on surmising rather than facts.

    I will also need to look into the possibility of leeting my son, who will be an adult in a year, sponsor my USA citizenship. He was born in the USA when I was studying in a PhD program.

    Have you had similar experiences? I’d like to hear and please share your ideas.

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    You can't use the TN visa to fast track your green card application since it's all based on country of birth.


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      Your making your own life difficult by insulting CPB officers & complaining about their processes.

      I have no idea what you're upset about. You were granted entry. And if you really cross the border 30-50 times a year, then having only 2 months for this particular visit shouldn't affect your plans at all.