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TN visa + already applied for Green card query

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  • TN visa + already applied for Green card query

    As a Canadian Citizen, what are the advantage with respect to job in USA in IT or other engineering fields??
    1) Is getting TN visa easy ??
    2) If we have already applied for Green card thru family (i-130) then still I am eligible to get TN visa?? or if applied for TN will it affect Green card application & viceversa??
    3) What are other ways to get work visa??
    4) If I loose job on TN visa can I stay as a visitor ( canadian citizen does not req to apply for visitor visa as it is default they are eligible to stay upto 6 months/yr) and search next job on this visitor visa.

    Thanks in advance

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    #4 - If you lose your job, you must wrap up your affairs and leave USA within 60 days.
    You could apply for a change of status to visitor without leaving the USA. It costs about $450 in filing fees.
    The change of status could allow you to remain 6 months past the date you lose your job.


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      thnx navini.
      4) I have B1/B2 visa valid until 2026 after that period I need to file again for visitor visa. ( Do Canadian citizen need to apply for Visitor visa??)