QQ : Since the land border is closed and premium processing is also stopped by USCIS for TN Visa.

1) My current TN is expiring by the end of May and this is my first renewal. If my new employer files an adjustment of status(i-129) for TN renewal to USCIS. Does it have to be reviewed by USCIS officer and issue approved i-94(TN renewal) before I start working with the new employer (OR) I can start the work with the new employer until the AOS is decisioned by USCIS?

2) Before May if I am not able to land a job, I am planning to change the status to TD Visa(Dependant of my spouse) by filing I-539 with USCIS until I can get a new job. As the USCIS processing time is taking longer and in the meantime land border restriction is lifted.... before the TD decision comes if I go out of country and apply for a TN visa with the new employer. Will it cause any concerns as my TD status decision hasn`t been approved yet or will be considered as Out of status from June onwards?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.