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Td visa is denied based on previous Tn visa

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  • Td visa is denied based on previous Tn visa

    My husband is Canadian and he is working on Tn visa. He changed his employer last year and went to the border and got his new Tn based on new employer on December 2019. His previous visa was valid until January 2022, so my Td visa is valid until January 2022. When he got his new visa we apply my Td visa extension based on his new one. So after months, two weeks ago I did my biometric ( because biometric center was closed due to covid 19) . So now I receive a letter from USCIS that my Td visa is denied because my husband was withdrawn his visa on February 2020 and they cannot give me Td visa. The visa number that they said is exactly the same as number of his previous visa Not new one. So I don’t know what’s happened with my application, I just apply extension my Td visa based on his new Tn visa!! I sent them a copy of new visa but looks like they didn’t see it or...? My visa is valid until January 2022 and they said I can stay here until that date and when I was applied I was not out of status. So what can I do? Appeal or re-apply? And is it effective if I wanna to apply green card in future? I’m so worried about this.