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Urgent - TN visa best POE without getting into Canada.

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  • Urgent - TN visa best POE without getting into Canada.


    I am working on L1A visa in USA . I got a job opportunity in USA for which i will need TN visa as I am canadian citizen.

    1. Which is best POE to go to so one does not have to cross into canada ? do not want quarantine in canada
    2. if i take uber, will it take to canadian side and allow me to come back for seeking TN ? or better take rental car.

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    I had a similar dilemma while I was trying to get a new TN visa. (I was already on a TN Visa and had switched employer, so technically I have to get a new TN visa for the new employer). Followed the steps below
    1. Asked my employer to send me (Employment offer letter- POE Detroit Windsor Tunnel)
    2. Flew to Detroit airport, picked up rental car that I already had booked from airport.
    3. Drove to Detroit-Windsor tunnel, while entering into Canadian side, told Immigration officers that I am doing in-and-out to get TN visa, So, they put a piece of paper on my car's windshield (this is a proof that you entered Canada and did soft entry), let me through a gate they opened for me to enter back to USA) I drove back into USA through the tunnel and entered USA POE side
    4. While on the USA- Told officers that I just drove back to USA (by doing soft entry). Officer directed me to park the car to get my process done at the office, I went inside while other officers searched my car and phone
    5. Waited to be called by one officer, Told him I came for TN visa processing, gave him all documents, he reviewed them and approved it.
    6. Stamped on TN my passport, also stamped I94 and I payed like 50$ something.
    7. Thanked him, came out and drove back to airport to fly back home.
    My suggestion is to take your own car or rent it. I am certain that no Uber would drive you across the border. I hope I answered your questions.


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      Thanks msharief I had similar experience.
      For benefit of others.

      1. Monday - Bridge side office was closed for TN Visa. So, had to go to tunnel. Friday or some other day POE tunnel is closed for TN Visa.

      2. Rental car should be taken from Detroit airport - they do allow to travel to canada and back as part of rental agreement.


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        When I returned to the United States, I told immigration officials that I had driven here (a "soft entry"). I was told to park the vehicle and complete my paperwork inside the building, so I did so while other cops examined my belongings.


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          Choosing a Port of Entry (POE): To apply for a TN visa, you'll need to go through a U.S. port of entry. If you want to avoid crossing into Canada, you should choose a U.S. POE that allows TN visa applications. Common U.S. POEs for TN visa applicants include major airports and land border crossings near the U.S.-Canada border. Some popular options include:
          Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ): If you're currently in the United States, you may choose to fly to YYZ, where you can apply for a TN visa at the pre-clearance facility. But in real life, if you haven't rented an apartment through https://renthero.ie/ a vacation can go south very quickly.
          Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF): BUF is a common choice for Canadians seeking TN visas, as it's located near the U.S.-Canada border.
          Detroit-Windsor Tunnel: If you prefer to drive, you can use land border crossings like the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.
          Please check the most recent guidelines and restrictions related to COVID-19 and travel before making your plans, as they may affect your ability to enter the United States directly.
          Transportation to the Port of Entry: Whether you choose to take an Uber or rent a car, it's essential to ensure that you can access the U.S. port of entry without entering Canada if that's your intention. Uber drivers may not always be aware of the specific regulations, so it's crucial to communicate your destination clearly and confirm that they understand your plans. Renting a car may provide you with more control over your route, but you should still plan your route carefully to avoid crossing into Canada if that's your goal.‚Äč
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