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TN Visa - Degree/Diploma requirement

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  • TN Visa - Degree/Diploma requirement

    Looking to move to the US in the next few years under "Technical Writer" category; I already have 3 years of comms/PR experience so good with that requirement however I don't have a degree.

    From the wording below, it seems as if a two year diploma will suffice? Does this have to be "Communications" diploma OR can it be "Marketing and Communications" https://vlc.onl/‚Äč?

    "A Post-secondary Diploma which refers to a credential issued by an accredited academic institution in Canada or the United States on completion of two (2) or more years of post-secondary education".
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    If you can prove that the coursework in your "Marketing and Communications" diploma is equivalent to a "Communications" diploma from a U.S. institution then you will pass the test of equivalency.