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C1D to transfer from airport to cruise ship

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  • C1D to transfer from airport to cruise ship

    I have a valid transit visa C1D , and I wish to fly to new york to board a cruise ship as a passenger and not a crewmember. And the departure from the ship will be done in Miami. Is my transit visa enough? I cannot apply Vwp or esta because my country isnt eligible.

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    Yeah, it should work. But I don't sure. Check this link https://top-casino-voucher-codes.com/ to know


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      My advice is to make this vise to be safe to go to your ship. I make all I need to go safe in every country and I don't want to risk coming back for a small amount of money that I didn't want to pay for one document. Moreover, I pay for the transfer company in every country where I travel because this is a safe way to arrive at your hotel. One of the best transfers was in Palma with the 89transfers.com company they offer me all the attention on the road to the hotel. They told me all places that I should visit and many others. I love this company.
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