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HELP interview tomorrow

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  • HELP interview tomorrow

    Philippine citizen, in Canada on work permit with a PR pending. Applied for transit visa and have an interview tomorrow but now need a regular travel visa as plans have changed. Is this okay if I make it clear at the interview tomorrow?

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    It's unlikely that disclosing your changed plans and the need for a regular visa during your transit visa interview would be successful. Here's why:
    • Transit visa application misrepresentation: Your current application is for a specific purpose (transit). Changing it now raises concerns about misrepresenting your intentions during the application process.
    • Different visa purposes: Regular visas and transit visas have different requirements and processing times. Switching types at the interview might create complications and delays.
    • Interview focus: The interview is likely structured for a transit visa assessment. Shifting focus could lead to insufficient information for a regular visa decision.

    • Withdraw current application: It's safer to withdraw your transit visa application before the interview and then apply for a regular visa. Explain your changed plans and provide necessary documentation.
    • Seek expert advice: Consider consulting an immigration lawyer or expert for guidance on the best course of action based on your specific situation.

    While inconvenient, prioritizing transparency and following proper procedures will minimize online2yu and echat complications in the long run. Good luck!


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      Yes, be upfront at your interview tomorrow. Explain you applied for a transit visa but your plans changed and now need a regular travel visa. They should be able to advise on next steps for applying for the appropriate visa.