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Canada - India via Frankfurt. Airport transit visa reqd?

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  • Canada - India via Frankfurt. Airport transit visa reqd?

    I came to Canada for H1b stamping but ended up getting 221g. So instead of waiting here I have decided to go to India instead and wait.

    I am getting a flight from Ottawa which has a stop over in Frankfurt.

    Currently my approved original i-797 is with the US consulate. I have valid multiple entry visitor's visa for Canada.

    Do I need an airport transit visa if Frankfurt is my stop-over?

    Another option has stopover in US? Then would I need airport transit?

    At no point do I plan to get out of airport.

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    Frankfurt - No.
    USA - Yes.

    Read https://www.immihelp.com/foreign-tra...ia-usa-travel/

    If your US visa application is already under 221g, I would not recommend trying transit visa.
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