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URGENT : Delays in Canadian consulate in Seattle for visit visas?

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  • URGENT : Delays in Canadian consulate in Seattle for visit visas?

    Hello All,

    I have applied for a Canadian transit visa with Seattle consulate for my return trip from France to USA via Toronto during first week of May. It has been 2 weeks and I have not heard back from them.

    I read couple of forums where people have been complaining about delays at Seattle consulate in terms of visit visa processing. Since Canada treats transit visas same as visit visas I am wondering if this will affect my travel to France.

    Could someone help me with the following:

    1. Has anyone on this forum succesfully applied and received their transit/visit visas to Canada recently?

    2. Are there any delays associated with Canadian transit visa processing esp in Seattle?

    3. Can I go and collect my documents in person although I submitted my application via USPS?

    Your response will be much appreciated!

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    Same problem but detroit


    did you receive your passport yet? Is there any way you can contact them .. its been 2 weeks since i submitted my docs to Canada consulate in detroit.. If you have any information, can you please share

    Thank you


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      same problem with detroit

      I submitted my single entry visa to travel between May 26-31 by May 3rd and i havent got anything from them. previously it used to take only 2 weeks ,but now the website says that the processing times is 30 days in Detroit. @vdreddy : have you got your visa yet ? how long did it take ?