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Visa Waiver...how long 2 come back?

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  • Visa Waiver...how long 2 come back?

    Hi all! My name is malcolm, I'm a US citizen. I figure I'd introduce myself real quick as I may be asking quite a few questions over the next year or two. I fell in love with an amazing German girl, and we are going to do whatever we can to be together.

    So here are my first questions:

    She is finishing school so for now she comes to the US through the VWP(visa waiver program). But she can only stay 90 days or less at one time.

    How long must she leave before she can come back on the VWP again? Can she just go back to germany for a week and then fly back for another 2 months? Ive heard rumors she could maybe even just cross the border to canada, get her passport stamped and come back for another 2 months. is this true? Are there risks involved in something like that? Obviously we wouldnt want some negative mark on her record if we have plans to get her immigrated to the US eventually.

    Thanks so much,

    This seems like a great resource.

    -Malcolm & Dominika
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    If she tries to spend too much time in US on visa waiver, she may be denied entry.
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