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J1 Waiver application to passport office in Ahmedabad

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  • J1 Waiver application to passport office in Ahmedabad

    Hello everyone,,

    I am a research scholar in USA on J1 VISA. My VISA is subjected to 2 year home rule. I have applied for the J1 waiver. But when my brother took my application (NORI form) to submit to Ahmedabad passport office, they did not accept the application. First, they said that they do not accept NORI applications any more and that this application needs to be submitted somewhere in Delhi. But when my brother tried hard and talked to other officer in the passport office, he told him that the passport office should first get a letter from the indian embassy in USA and only then they would accept the applications. Does anybody know if it is true. Does embassy in USA send any letter to the passport office. Has anybody else encountered such a problem? Please suggest what needs to be done in this case? I would appreciate your suggestions. showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.vet/

    Thank you..
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