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B1/B2 Visa : MRV reactivated...but unable to schedule Appointment

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  • B1/B2 Visa : MRV reactivated...but unable to schedule Appointment

    Hello Forum Members,

    Got caught up in a pecuiliar situation. Appreciate any help from you all.

    I have a passport issued in Bangalore hence I took appointment in Chennai on 17th. There was a protest in chennai outside consulate on 17th Sept hence they cancelled all appointments.

    I had to travel to Mumbai on 24th due to family emergency and can not move out of Mumbai for 2 Months hence I took appointment in Mumbai. By 26th Sept the Visa Website etc changed...hence I followed the new Process. I also checked with VFS if I need to update any documents since my original documents were for Chennai....the VFS clearly told me No need to update anything.

    I went for my OFC on 7th October. On 9th when I went for interview they asked me to submit a new DS-160 for Mumbai and Reschedule the appointment.

    Now the Issue :

    My mumbai Appointment of 9th Oct still shows as "Scheduled" on www.ustraveldocs.com/in Website. Its neither cancelled ...nor updated as No Show

    I am unable to schedule an appointment ... I get an Error message that "No valid record can be found for the entered receipt number. Please validate that your receipt number is correct and that you have paid the correct amount for the visa which you are applying for."

    I have called VFS helpline several times ...and they tellme that MRV is active. But not sure why I am unable to schedule appointment.

    Question to Forum :

    Though original one was cancelled by Consulate themselves and second one they asked me reschedule .... does it mean MRV is already used twice ?
    Is there any other way to get my Mumbai appointment status changed to cancelled or No Show ?
    Any other Solution to schedule an appointment ?

    Thanking you in advance ...


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    Any Help Pls ???

    Any Help Pls ???