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Returning To America

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  • Returning To America

    I am English.
    I realise that I can only stay in America 3 months.
    If I was to spend one week back in England then return for another 3 months would this be allowed?
    If so, how long would this be allowed for?

    Could one have three 3 months stays in the US in one year?

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    It just depends on the Officer at the port of entry. When you return back they ask you for purpose if they find your answe satisfying they might grant you the stay.


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      My girlfriend has done this before. We traveled through Chicago both times. On the second time though, the Passport Control Officer questioned her and told her that if she wanted to she could deny her entry into the country because it looked like she was abusing the Visa Waiver Program. When we looked it up on the net, it looked like you could come back and forth without a problem. What she really needed was the B2 Visa. It's the travel visa that allows a 6 month stay in the US. That's what we are in the process of doing now. We travel back to England in a month for the interview in London.

      I hope this helps!