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Visitor Visa for my cousin sister to USA

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  • Visitor Visa for my cousin sister to USA

    Hello everyone,,

    I would like to get your opinion on my scenario. I am staying in US for past 4 years on H1B. I have my petition approved till 2020.I am planning to bring my parents here and i will be sponsoring their trip. I have a sister who is currently doing her bachelor's degree in India. She is staying with my parents from very young. She is my mother's osister child and she lost her parents at the age of 4. From there all her things were look after by my parents. Is there a chance for her to get visitor visa to USA? I am not sure whether i should try her application along with my parents or separately? she can produce documents from college and which will confirm she will be heading back to India.Just want to know some opinions.

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    1. She can try but it is generally very difficult to get visitors visa for young and unmarried female. Details at https://www.immihelp.com/us-visitor-...young-persons/
    2. You can get detailed visitors visa information at https://www.immihelp.com/usa-visitors-visa/
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