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Visitor Visa for Brother-In-Law

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  • Visitor Visa for Brother-In-Law

    What are the documents required in applying visa for brother-in-law? Does he needs to show his bank account and how much amount does he needs to have in that account?

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    My Brazilian wife's family has been denied twice already for a tourist visa (once was for her college graduation, and the college even sent an official letter inviting her and everything, but they were still denied). Her sister and brother in-law want to try to visit one more time. They always get the same "failure to demonstrate strong ties to Brazil" reason for denial, despite the fact that they are homeowners, they both own and are still making payments on vehicles, and they both hold full-time jobs. They brought documentation both times but were denied before ever being asked for it. They live in the mid western region of Brazil, so they to the US consulate in Brasília.


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      Applicant need to prove strong ties to home country, for which they will surely return.

      Owning a home is one of the way to prove that, you need more such things, like a regular income from a long term business/job, dependent family members etc.
      - I am not an Attorney, hence not giving any legal advice. Just sharing MY opinion with an intent to help others.

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