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What is the best option for Mexican father wanting to visit USA-born daughter?

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  • What is the best option for Mexican father wanting to visit USA-born daughter?

    My USA born girlfriend is trying to figure how the best method to have her Mexican born father be able to visit her from Mexico to USA. Her father wants to visit her maybe 2-3 months per year since he misses her and lives with me now. I read into B1/B2 visas/Border crossing cards but I'm worried about the salary requirements? My girlfriend has not had much employment since Covid-19 so I fear the visa application would be denied if they see that the daughter cannot support the father here?

    Is there any work around/alternate methods since my girlfriend is US born and may have more options? The father has absolutely no intention of living in the USA permanently but the immigration office might see the situation differently. The father is self-employed owning his own store in Mexico, has permanent house residence, and overall had lived in Mexico for several years.

    I appreciate any help and advice!

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    This isn't a green card. They don't want to see that she can support him. They want to see that he is so stable in his original country that there is little risk of him overstaying in the US. It's helpful to show that he has a job, owns/rents a home, has an extensive social life, and has plenty of assets/retirement resources. Basically, that if he comes to visit, he'll go back.
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      B1/B2 is the non-immigration visa option. There are no salary requirements (and are required to the applicant, which in this case is the father, not to her). He needs to demonstrate he has a life in Mexico and he has a business here and a reason to come back. Hope this helps!