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Need Advice about customs to USA

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  • Need Advice about customs to USA

    Dear Forum,
    I am a US Citizen, I lost my job because of the economy. But before that I went over to Thailand and married a great Filipina teacher. I don't make enough finances to bring her over here on my own and can't find a co sponser. Is there anyway at all I can bring her here on a tourism visa if we are married. I have been told two of the following: She has not gotten her passport changed to her new last name yet, and someone said to tell her to tell customs that she is only coming here to visit her boy friend (me). The other one is to bring a letter from her employer indication she would return for her work there in Thailand, which they would give her. But I was told there is no way in ____ that they would give a tourism visa to someone that has a spouse over here in the USA. I beg of your help on this for what to do. Thank you very much. Carl L. [email protected]

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    She can't be lying at all. Otherwise, she is in big trouble later. If she is married to you, she has to disclose that.

    It would be very hard for her to get tourist visa.
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      Usa sucks

      I am married to a good woman who has several masters degrees and is a teacher. Has taught in college. I lost a position due to the economy and only have part time now and so I don't make enough money for the visa of sponser. This worthless country won't even allow a good person into the country but yet don't do anything aobut the millions who came in illegeally. That shows how worthless this piece of **** country really is. **** this country it's cursed.