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    Applied for visitor visa for my brother's family ( husband, wife and two kids in college now ) twice - Once 10 years back and again this Jan.
    No issues with sponsoring but both times, not many questions. Last time in Jan, they were asked why all 4 of them were traveling and were given 214b.

    Again reapplied just for my brother and his wife.
    when the site was updated, we tried to reschedule his appointment, and the dependent information somehow wasnt tied to the new account. So his dates changed and hers remained in Nov.

    Thankfully his visa was approved. But when she went, she was asked

    * how long are you going? for 3 weeks
    * who is the sponsor? SIL
    * Is it brother's wife? No, my husband's sister
    * Do you plan to go together? Yes we will be going together

    Your visa is denied & 214 b was given.

    This is really really disappointing. This has been a long-time ( over 2decades ) dream and wish for his family to visit us.
    Should I reapply for her again? if so how soon can I reapply?
    This is so frustrating and confusing. No issue with paperwork & there is no intent to migrate.

    Any suggestions? Any options to apply for the kids? Visit for 3-4 weeks is good.


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    Any senior advisors please chime in. Libra_14 anyone else?


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      that's really tough. I feel you. My brother's visa also got held up, so he's missing out on joining us . Frustrating! About your sister-in-law, I'd say reapply soon, maybe wait a couple of months. Hang in there, and hope the next attempt brings better news.
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        Thanks myabrownn . I wasnt sure if we should apply with me being the sponsor or her husband. They have not traveled outside the country yet. Also with the college going daughters, is there any possibility to apply them together or just one with her or do it separately?

        Good luck with your brother's situation too!
        Some of it make absolutely no sense and it does frustrate. wonder if there is a forum to reach out to someone higher up to at least refer as a case. it almost depends on who is at the counter and what mood they are in ? That seems so unfair after all the work. 3 times is much to reject without any reason or they can spell the reason out instead of 214b keeping us perplexed.

        Hoping to get some direction on how to apply ( if just sister-in-law or with one of their kids )